Christina Paganelli

"The Imagination to Innovate & the Stamina to Succeed"

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drinkme is a symbiosis of a scientific invention combined with my personal story and lifestyles.
I have built a unique beverage product, that has broken barriers in science, innovation, and  business.  
My path in commercialization of my Elixer from table to shelf has span 13 years of trailblazing, trials, and tribulations.   
What started with a necessity for me to create a maintenance product for my own health crisis, became a scalable, sustainable, and authentic company I could share with the world. Along the way, someone told me to dream bigger, and I never looked back. 
When I discovered the business potential of my invention, I taught myself business, and knocked on the toughest doors in the world. I am a leader, and experiences in growing a concept into a sustainable and profitable business across North America, while staying forward focused on Proactive Health, Wellness, Longevity and Sustainability through a Holistic Lifestyle.
In Service and Vision,


My journey began when I was in the prime of my life, finishing years of university, getting married and starting my career. Suddenly, my vision blurred and I was seeing double. One eye went wall-eyed and I couldn’t see. If I tried to open my eyes I would fall over with dizziness. This introduced me to the medical system, and ultimately was sent to a “specialist” who diagnosed me with multiple sclerosis. Six months later, 4 ½ months pregnant, and still reeling from my last diagnosis, I was dealt another blow, I had thyroid cancer.                    

In my fifth month of pregnancy, I underwent major surgery to completely remove my thyroid, and soon after, I was radiated. That’s when I found out that the cancer had spread to my lungs. Another radiation treatment six months later made me very ill, but the results were the same. The cancer tumors were still the same size, at stage 4 and I was sent home to “wait it out” with cancer and MS. I began taking an immune suppressant drug to help decrease the effects of the MS. After struggling a month to inject myself, and suffering with side effects, I was informed that the drug company would not allow me to take this drug because I had cancer too. What a waste of time, money, and added stress.    

At age 26, I had been poked and prodded long enough. It became apparent that something was clearly wrong with the chemistry of my body. I decided to take my health into my own hands! I attended a health seminar about enzymes, probiotics, and raw foods, and I decided that I would try to heal myself. Before I got sick, I ate the standard meat and potatoes diet I realized that needed to change it to get better. I made up my mind that I would heal and then I would use my story to inspire others too. My husband and I, and baby Antonio committed to changing our lifestyles and eating habits. We discarded all food from our cupboards, and replaced all of it with only raw, organic foods. Then, our diet consisted of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, and top quality enzymes, probiotics, and other raw supplements.

The first few days and weeks of our new lifestyle proved very challenging. While my body detoxified, I experienced severe migraines, fever, and blurred vision. Twenty six years of processed and chemically laden foods finally came out of my body. I shed a pound a day and within 3 weeks of adapting to this new lifestyle, scar tissue began healing. Amazingly, I no longer required my prescription glasses.


For the last fifteen years, I have not required any subsequent medical procedures for either disease. Against all odds, I am still thriving. We even had another healthy child Giulia, who is now 13 years old. I attribute

to my new lifestyle, food choices, and pro-active care. Today, my diet consists of at least 50% raw food, with all else as a secondary. My kale smoothies are an integral part of my day. I visit an endocrinologist yearly and thankfully, everything is normal. I have never felt better in my life, and I am committed to helping others.

A quote that influenced me throughout all these events in my life is, “The only thing I drank was a cup of reality, with a shot of appreciation.”- Kermit the Frog.

The truth is, sometimes one has to hit rock bottom before one can bounce back. I am truly grateful for the life journey that I have been through the past fifteen years. When I hear people say, “I’m sorry for all that you have been through”, I respond, “don’t be sorry…it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!”                                    

An Art

Christina holds a Bachelor in Science, B.Sc. Chemistry, and a Bachelor in Arts, BA. Art History In her relentless quest for better health, Christina educated herself on raw, whole food nutrition, experimenting with different plant-based ingredients to create her 100% organic whole food smoothies. This quest led Christina to a journey to create, invent, and re-invent a path to bring her invention to people. Christina has been a trailblazer in both Canada and the USA, and was a nominee of the prestigious Ernst. C. Manning Innovation Award of Canada for Science and Technology, 2012. As with any path, the future awaits.

And a Science

One of my most memorable photos, accepting a nomination for the Manning Innovation Awards, with fellow nominees.
Doesn't it speak volumes about the proportion of women in business?
Not only am I standing among all men, but two of these men were awarded a Nobel Prize. What a privileged and an honor to be able to innovate as a minority. Our lives are a constant series of mini stories, full of possibilities to take actions and drive change. As a women who in business I have had my fair share of rooms full of men. But with every situation, comes an opportunity. An opportunity to dive right in and leave it better than you found it.