drinkme® products are alive and radiant. 

Energy is dancing in every sip. 

All living things are in motion. 

Always evolving. Always changing. Always moving towards something better. 

Nature always finds a way.  

Like the life force in our veins.

Fuel for our fire. 

Wanna sip? 


What the What?

     Creation of the Drinkme name and logo was inspired by the potion that sat on the glass table in the story of Alice in Wonderland. Alice saw a mysterious liquid in a bottle with a label that read “DRINK ME”. She hesitated, but drank it with caution as she feared it might be poison. When she tasted it, to her surprise, she found it to be very sweet and pleasant.

    At the bottom right corner of our logo there is a Kale Leaf. Kale is the true essence of our beverages. The white veins highlighted on the leaf depict the mechanism in which nutrition is carried to its outer most edges, and thus symbolic of the nutritional pathway within the human body. 

Drinkme provides delicious enzyme and antioxidant rich beverages designed to nourish the body everyday.