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   A Company Born from Healing and Discovery

The W's of drinkme®

                 The brilliant successes of the past justify them in every expectancy of still more generous fruition.

                                                                                                           - Inventions, Research, and Writings of Nikola Tesla. 

Drinkme® & You. 

Together we believe that food has the power to heal and transform our health when optimal nutrition is made accessible.  

drinkme® is more than just a healthy drink. It’s a holistic lifestyle, made for health conscious people, who have specific health goals and see food as medicine.

The drinkme® brand has a rich history of providing super premium nutrition, while the quality speaks to each individual’s needs.

Kale is the star ingredient in our smoothies and for good reason; kale is incredibly rich in vitamins and antioxidants. There are many flavors all with unique profiles that are sure to satisfy everyone's tastes and lifestyles.

Want to make your own?

Try one of our do-it-yourself frozen pouches. You don't even need a fancy blender.

It's a win-win.

Win on taste, nutrition, serving sizes of F&V, economics, and just general cool factor. 

DRINKME® For Life 

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and Nature as a source of healing. 

drinkme® was founded in 2007 when Christina Paganelli began making kale smoothies to satisfy her own health regime.  After being diagnosed with MS (multiple sclerosis) and Stage IV Thyroid Cancer at 26, Christina set forth to pack the most nutrition she could into 1 maintenance product. Real people began placing orders with Christina for her delicious beverages. 

Christina began selling at farmer’s markets, gyms, offices, and yoga studios, Whole Foods Markets in Canada, and the USA. The demand was pivoting into a life long project to fuel real people's lifestyles, and Christina’s mission to make real nutrition accessible. 

For centuries, food has fueled and nourished every species on this planet. The question remains, can every food help us thrive? Food is powerful, and the science shows us that manipulation of atoms and compounds can change chemical properties. Water is no longer water if a lemon twist is added.

Drinkme® is a delicate combination of fruits and vegetables to enhance and activate vital forces locked in a plant 's cell walls.

Since inception our process is simple, never heated, never adulterated, just fruits and vegetables doing their thing-Helping Us Thrive.

Drinkme Everyday

Because Drinkme®

Read our labels. We are already good friends! drinkme® is for those who know what they need, and see their vision for personal and professional development. 

Our lives are a constant series of mini stories, full of potential, to take actions to drive change.  

Our lives are a constant series of mini stories, full of possibilities to take actions and drive change.

Our transparency speaks volume, and our products are chalked full of nutrition, which means we stand up to the perceived health benefits.

holistic journey 

Drinkme® is Hopeful, Empowering, Confident, and Knowledgeable.                                                       We function to serve as a catalyst for transforming lives through delicious, simple, functional nutrition.                                                    

A vision to raise the bar on quality, drinkme® has been a leader in the industry, both in Canada and the USA. and a journey to educate, and empower our supply chain to be Better. 

Transformational Health and Wellness  

Who is drinkme®

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MY Vision by.......
Christina Paganelli

Our reality is what we make it. I believe in thing before I see them.

 I created a product. So what? There are thousands of concepts and products and great ideas developed every day. It’s what we do with what we have, while still keeping the vision, that is a gift. 

I make it a habit to innovate based on ideas that come to me. I’ve always been a trailblazer, with ahead of it’s time innovation.  Everything you see including photos are originals. I never chase competitors, and I never compromise my products or my drinkme® brand for cheaper ways. Let’s find a way without sacrificing the vision. 

We can talk about how sweet it is to be a woman in business, and I can tell you I’m still 1 of 2 women in a room for every 8 men. 

Through the years there have been haters, yet I always stayed true to the same product I created 13 years ago. Let’s find a way to keep it whole, and authentic, and real, why would I compromise?

My vision is to show the world the hottest, most nutritional product in history, and I’m pretty sure I have. 

I am a visionary, an inventor, a formulator, and an artists who owns their craft. Some days, I’ve had to be very patient, because navigating business is not a straight line but if you can keep my vision true, I can always believe before I see.