What is kale?

Kale is a form of cabbage. It is a superstar vegetable rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Ordinarily, the nutritional data on kale does not include the ribs and stems. Our nutritional data does because we actually add these pieces to your drinkme™. Here are the reasons:

1) We want to give you the nutritional benefits of whole food
2) We want to give you all that precious fiber that works so well to remove toxins from the walls of your intestine
3) The fiber can prevent heartburn
4) We are simply different and offer the highest quality product on the market

Someone told me kale has oxalates and if I have to much it will give me kidney stones!?

It all depends on what type of kale you are eating. Curly kale, one of the more common types of kale you will see in the grocery store, is a high to mid range oxalate food depending on whether it's cooked or raw. We never use this type of kale in our smoothies. We use the low oxalate level kale called Brassica Oleracea

Kale gives me indigestion. Will drinkme® help?

Digesting kale (an many other raw leafy greens) can be hard on the digestive system. That's why we do most of the digestion process for you. By blending our smoothies, we are breaking open cell walls to make the nutrition available to you. We broken down whole food ingredient to a liquid form so your stomach doesn't have to work hard to break it down for you. You will get all the benefits of eating whole foods without the digestive problems!

How is Drinkme®  different from juice?

When you make juice, pulp sticks to the juicer and gets washed down the drain. Since a lot of nutrients can be found in and around the skins of produce, juices miss out on some of the available nutrients. Drinkme®  is a smoothie. It is a blend of whole fruits and vegetables, including the fiber-rich pulp. Here are a few great things fiber can do for you:

· Restore friendly flora or natural bacteria to your intestines

· Balance your intestinal pH

· Help you absorb minerals

What are whole foods?

Food in its purest form. There are two types of whole foods:
1) Unrefined and unprocessed foods e.g. a fruit or vegetable as is
2) Unadulterated foods processed without chemicals or additives e.g. Drinkme®

Why is fiber important?

Drinkme®  uses whole food ingredients to ensure that you get the most nutrition from the produce we use, this includes all the fiber. Fiber is important because it aids in digestion. Fiber is is like a broom that sweeps out your intestines removing toxins and food particles that get stuck in your digestive track. A high fiber diet leads to healthy bowels. Fiber helps keep our blood sugar stable and slow the absorption of sugar, so that we don't get spikes in sugar if we just had juice. Fiber lowers cholesterol and may reduce inflammation and blood pressure. Fiber can also make you feel fuller longer. This means that you can enjoy your Drinkme® smoothie as a meal replacement and not feel starving an hour later.

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes naturally occur in all living things. They are biological catalysts that start and speed up every function in your body, including digestion. Your Drinkme® is raw, so it contains living enzymes that naturally occur in whole foods. The enzymes help you easily break down and digest the drink, quickly converting it to vitamins and minerals in your body. It's the reason so many people feel an instant boost of energy when they drink Drinkme®

What happens to the enzymes in cooked food?

When you cook food, you de-nature the enzymes - they can no longer help you digest what you eat. This calls on your body to compensate by stealing its own enzymes to break down the food. It steals those enzymes from less life-threatening sources such as your skin, hair and nails. One of the results is pre-mature aging. Eating raw food will help you replace the enzymes that time and the process of living take away. Enzymes are your body's workers. You need them to keep your body functioning. That's why we make Drinkme®  raw and enzyme-rich.

Is it cold pressed? or - What is cold blended?

It is COLD BLENDED. That is a new term. Pressing means they soak the fruits and vegetables in water and then press the juice out of it and throw away the pulp. A lot of nutrients can be found in or around the skin, roots, and peels. So throwing out the pulp is actually throwing out some of the available nutrients. This is a whole food product in that we take the whole fruits and vegetables, blend them up finely and put them in a bottle for you. That’s why it is a smoothie. You are getting all the fiber in our drinks.

Doesn't blending create heat?

Yes, typically blending would create heat and can deplete the nutritional value of your drinks but the founder of Drinkme®, Christina, has created our own machinery with cooling systems to ensure our product stays RAW! Thank you Christina!

How does it stay raw? How do you "pasteurize" it? Is it pasteurized? How do you keep it fresh?

It is a new bottling method called HPP, High Pressure Processing. Instead of being heat treated they put thousands of pounds of water pressure to kill off the bacteria and it actually gives it a longer shelf life. No heat means it doesn’t cook the enzymes and that allows us to keep it RAW.

Doesn't the pressure create heat?

Pressure can create heat, yes, but we have implemented a water cooling system to ensure the product never goes above 50 degrees.

What time of day should I drink my Drinkme® ?

Drinkme®  is a great way to start your day. Our smoothies will give you a great boost of energy to begin your day right. Drinkme®  also makes a great lunch, especially those times when you don't have a lot of time to get a healthy meal. Drinkme®  is a great form of digestible energy pre workout, yoga or fitness routine and a fantastic recovery drink post physical activity or mid day snack for added energy.

How much Drinkme®  should I drink?

The Drinkme® cleanse requires you to replace two meals a day with a Drinkme® – preferably Green 3 as it has a whole head of kale in each bottle. To do a deep cleansing, you should aim to consume 2 heads of dark leafy greens a day and drinking 2 Green 3’s will meet this need. For daily maintenance, you may have 1 Drinkme® a day to keep your body feeling healthy and clean.

How much Drinkme®  should I drink?

The Drinkme® cleanse requires you to replace two meals a day with a Drinkme® – preferably Green 3 as it has a whole head of kale in each bottle. To do a deep cleansing, you should aim to consume 2 heads of dark leafy greens a day and drinking 2 Green 3’s will meet this need. For daily maintenance, you may have 1 Drinkme® a day to keep your body feeling healthy and clean.

Why do you use plastic bottles instead of glass?

Because of our unique bottling method, HPP, we are required to use plastic bottles as they are compatible with the high pressure process. Glass would shatter under the pressure and would not allow us to use this only bottling method of ensuring a RAW safe product for you. RAW beverages in glass containers are possible because they are fermented (like kombucha), use flash pasteurization, or not at all pasteurized and need to put a disclaimer that it is not safe for all to drink. Conscious of our environmental footprint, we use PET recyclable bottles. In addition to being recyclable, they are lighter than glass and use less fuel to transport.

How can Drinkme® help me after a workout?

Drinkme®  can replace your fluids after a workout. It is extremely high in potassium and calcium, so it can also replace the electrolytes you lose in a vigorous workout.

Drinkme®  does NOT use concentrated orange juice or purees. Why not?

Drinkme®  will NEVER use concentrates. It has to be raw, pure, organic fruit for us - yet another high standard that separates your Drinkme®  from other beverages.

Here is a look at how the concentration process reduces the nutritional value and taste of orange juice:

Orange juice is boiled, evaporated in a vacuum, and homogenized, resulting in a sugary syrup. It is then frozen in big blocks and shipped to countries where it is defrosted and reconstituted with water. Next, the add-backs go in. These include glucose and fructose to enhance flavour and aroma, and avoid seasonal variations in taste. The add-backs never appear on the label because they come from a natural source.

We use locally sourced organic oranges to make our own orange juice to put in Drinkme®  to ensure freshness and quality. ​

drinkme® will never use fruit purees. Fruit purees are treated with heat with flash pasteurization to preserve it's shelf life. Drinkme®  will only use raw ingredients straight from the farms to ensure it's freshness and to ensure we are giving you a 100% raw product.

I want to make my own smoothies, but I don't have a high powered blender...

We love that you want to make your own smoothies! We currently offer two frozen pack flavors that are great for people who want to blend their own smoothies but don't like chunks of unblended kale in their drinks. Our two flavors are Green 3 and Coconut Kale. Our frozen packs have 4 pouches in them so that you add as much or as little as you like.