Beverage Company

To be Better.

To help people build a better foundation for healthy living through plant-based,

whole food nutrition.

To serve as a catalyst for transforming lives through functional,

nutrient dense products. 

Our timeless beverages are made with whole quality ingredients, that are better-for-you.


Whole Food, Cold Blended Smoothie


Embracing the Holistic lifestyle 

The Drinkme® brand is Hopeful, Empowering, and Confident.

Simple Nutrition, Honest ingredients, and Convenient Options to keep you keeping on. Everyday. 

You are smart and know exactly what you want.

You are focused on personal and planetary health and well being for yourself and for others.

Consuming more plant based foods isn’t just a trend, it’s a way to use food as fuel, for your body, mind, and soul.

Every vital precious last bit of plant based nutrients is what we know, and we bring it to you to fuel you fire.

an Apple is an Apple until it's juiced then it's apple Juice

Whole Foods are complete nutrition.

We believe fiber is the essential building blocks of digestion and vitality.

Our recipes, keep whole kale as kale. And whole kale contains whole fiber, which is vital to the body. Insoluble and soluble plant based fiber, is complete, as nature intended. This does the body good.

Want to Talk Apples? a Woman knows an apple. 

drinkme® is a minority and woman-owned small business.
Invented by a woman, founded by a woman, and still operated by a woman.
Christina has won many awards for her invention of a food application for the betterment of health and wellness.
Since inception we have maintained the same recipes, quality standards, and vision to delivery timeless products to others.

A vision for the future 

I believe in nature, ancient wisdom and modern science as a source of healing

I believe in the symbiotic power of the whole kale plant, from roots to leaves

I believe in the potential for whole living foods and enzymes to heal and transform

A  Company born from Healing and Discovery

Drinkme® was founded in 2007 by Christina Paganelli, who began making kale-based smoothies as a way to maintain her health and wellness from the side effects of radiation treatment for thyroid cancer and the medication she was taking for multiple sclerosis.

In her relentless quest for better health, Christina educated herself on raw, whole food nutrition, experimenting with different plant-based ingredients to create her 100% organic whole food smoothies.

Christina envisions a world where everyone has access to simple, everyday options that provide life changing benefits.

We Never Go Out of Style

What Others Say


There are fewer ways to ingest such a hearty dose of healing nutrients in a short amount of time. The frozen smoothie packs are an excellent way to store a healthy meal in your work’s freezer, or simply keep at home for a quick whip-up. The flavor of them is so fresh and delicious. These drinks can help take your nutrition to the next level.

Jesica Cockerham

Feel More Gooder


After one sip, I was a convert. Drinkme® comes in a number of flavors…I tried five of them…Each one is amazing

Robin Patalon Chic Vegan


It is sweet, tangy and delicious. It has 4 servings of fruits and vegetables. Certified Organic. Vegan and Naturally Gluten-Free. 100% Rawinkme® Green. Oranges, Kale, Bananas, Water. This is our award-winning flavor.

Trend Monitor

Always a Smoothie 

Not everything has to be Green.  Facing life Whole  is how we do it. 

Cold Blended


Christina Paganelli

I am a creator, an inventor, and I want to keep raising the bar on nutrition, health, wellness, and longevity. I don't take the easy way, if there is a hard path ahead, I will take it, because I believe the benefit is sweeter. 

May my smoothies rejuvinate your body, lift your spirits & open your consciousness.  

         Unlock your Transformation